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Test still positive after miscarriage!

For those who have had a miscarriage I would love some advise. It's been a long hard miscarriage! I found out I was pregnant when I went to the RE for Extreme abdomen pain. Found out I was pregnant and miscarrying all at the same time. So on the 5th of February my levels were 277. The 8th 190 and the 12th was at 77. They wanted me come back in a week late and do more blood work for hcg but I never got a call. So I figured I would take a pregnancy test to see if it was positive. When doing the math my levels were dropping 30 to 39 a day. I am still bleeding/spotting.. not sure when my cycle would start or what. I actually had 2 periods and was still pregnant. So here is the test I took today. I'm really over it all and just want to get back to normal! Why would this test still be positive. Me and my husband did have intercourse in between spotting. I know I should have waited! If I were pregnant again that would not be good. I'm still spotting from last months miscarriage! I cant go through this again. Any help, advice on these levels and if I could still have tissue and this miscarriage just lingering? Should I go back to the gym? I've been many many times.. ugh.. thanks in advance for your c ok moments. They are appreciated!

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So sorry for your loss. I hope this resolves soon and you can get back to trying again! I had one lingering miscarriage... it did resolve on it’s own. Bleeding took awhile (details are fuzzy). Some tests are very sensitive so that could be why. Test again in a week. If it’s still dark call your doctor. Best wishes.


9 months ago

My levels were at 7 the days after I had this positive test. FINALLY I'm sure it's out my system. So i have this ovarian cyst that was the initial issue and I found out I was pregnant and miscarrying all at the same time. Now they want to take my right ovary and tube! I've been in so much pain with the cust. I'm getting another option! But the PAIN! OMG! Like 100 on the scale!! The kind of pain that all you can do is scream and my body feels like its snapping in two. My right leg feels like it's being pinched off when this happens. I'll go to the ER and they say I have blood flow to the ovaries and they look great!? WHAT?! I've had 5 ultrasounds and they shall say 2 different things. First they say there is still something in my tube but the hcg levels are now down. And then other ultrasound technicians say I have a ovarian cyst that's a little bigger then a quarter and it has veins! So what is it doctors?! is it both? They dont even know. Thry said they can take my tube and ovary and then they can tell me what it is. I'm so over this! Not going to happen! I definitely need a second opinion

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