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16dpo, no AF and BFN

Hi all,

I am new to the CTP community, I hope everyone is keeping well.

Today is 16dpo and no AF, I tested at 2pm today and got a ... My partner and I unfortunately had a chemical pregnancy in May 2020, and started TTC again in August so this is the 3rd cycle. I have been having PMS type cramps and the odd right side twinges with brown watery discharge/no blood for the last 3-4 days.

I don't want to give my hopes but I worry there might be something wrong as I have endometriosis, but AF is always on time.

Is this normal?


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Hi elle...I’m sorry that I can’t give you any answers but I just wanted to allay good luck to you....I have totally lost track of what dpo I am but I’m now in cd35 out of a normal 30-32 days with a bfn yesterday too. Also been having af cramps like she is going to arrive any moment for nearly a week like yourself .... keeping my fingers crossed for you x
Are you going to test again or hold off for a couple of days x

39 days ago

Thanks Amy, its so frustrating isn't it!

I tested again this morning but still a ... however I have been feeling hot and flustered today (which I never get) around AF and been feeling lightheaded. My temp has also gone up so who knows!

Good luck to you too on baby no2! Fingers crossed for the xx


39 days ago • Post starter

First, I am sorry for your loss.

Second, that is frustrating! There is no real way for us to know what is going on unfortunately, but I can offer some speculation!

It is possible that you didn't ovulate on the day you thought you did. Are you charting ovulation based on LH, BBT, or CM? You probably already know since you're TTC, but you can have multiple LH surges in the month or even one LH surge but do not actually release an egg. The same goes for following your cervical mucus. If that's the case, you might not actually be late.

Otherwise, sometimes our bodies just do what they want! Sometimes cramps, twinges, and brown discharge could be cyst related, which could mess with your cycle. That's more a question for your provider though. You mention you have endo, so that could be playing a role too.

38 days ago

Thank you LadyMae, AF arrived so I am out for this month. Thinking positive though. I have an ultrasound booked to check for any endo flare ups and then go from there.

Good luck to you too!


35 days ago • Post starter

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