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I had two vvfp last wed.(9dpo) and thurs. (10dpo)
Friday (11dpo) the line was darker but when I wiped I was bleeding. The line looked the same Sat. (12dpo) and Sun. (13dpo) This morning, Monday (14dpo) it is clearly darker but I am still bleeding! I have only been using dollar store tests and internet cheapies (ran out and they're sold out now ugh). I haven't called my doctor yet as the lines were still quite faint and it is so early that it could be a chemical and of course covid ugh. 
If I wasn't testing I would have assumed my period came early and wouldn't have tested at all. Started bleeding Friday and my af is due today, monday. 

I'm so confused! Please any advice or insight or stories would help!

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Is the bleeding heavy? Or just spotting? Is it bright red? Or is it brown? I see you posted this 3 days ago, are you still bleeding? Spotting can be normal, but if you're bleeding like a normal period, you probably had a chemical pregnancy.

34 days ago

Thank you so much for your reply! The bleeding has stopped thankfully and I just have very light spotting now. It was almost as heavy as a normal period, varied from pink to bright red to reddish orange, brown and everywhere in between! I assumed it was going to be a chemical but my tests are still getting darker! Doctor called yesterday and wants to get me in for an ultrasound asap to make sure it isn't ectopic and everything is okay. The ultrasound place called and the soonest they can see me is August 19th! Holy crap! I'm half hoping my doc will call back to see me sooner atleast! I will be 10weeks by the time they do the u/s! So needless to say I bought another pack of cheapie tests so that I can make sure things are going well until then. Here is progression as of yesterday! Todays was the same as yesterdays, I havent added it on yet.

I also found that over the last 2 days it would almost stop, barely brown spotting and after laughing it had started again red but still just spotting.

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