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Help and advice and positive or negative

My last period was 4.28.20-5.3.20 and I had sex on 5.4.20 AND 5.7.20 and 5.11.20 and 5.13.20
It is may 20 and I been having hot flashes and up set sour stomach where it gurts to the point I feel like puking. I posted a test I did this past Monday/ Tuesday. My period is due May 26th. If I'm pregnant it be my 3rd and im asking what the symptoms are with your third pregnancy because I know it can be different.

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7 Answers • 10 days ago



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Yes each pregnancy is different. I got sick with my girls but not my boys. I’m 5dpo and got heartburn moodiness fatiiiigue!

9 days ago

With my oldest I was 4 months along before I got sick. With my 2nd I was sick for 4 months straight. With my 3rd I only puked once when hormones were kicking in at the beginning and same with my 4th.
1st -boy
2nd - boy
3rd - girl
4th - boy
Now I'm feeling very sick and this would be my 5th. I can't test until this weekend for a good result.

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9 days ago • Edited

Do any of you see a positive in that though?

9 days ago • Post starter

It’s hard to tell because of the flash. I feel like maybe there’s a line but I can’t be sure.

9 days ago

Do any of you see a positive in that though? Mamafriend?

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8 days ago • Post starter

It looks like there are 2 lines but it’s dark. Have you posted to the photo gallery so you can get votes and tweak the picture? Is this the same test or a new one?

8 days ago

Same test . But I took a new one today and there was one line but idnk. I still haven't missed a period yet and it is due next Tuesday and I been have bad diarrhea

8 days ago • Post starter

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