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COVID-19, You are a bully

Why, COVID-19 did you have to ruin my plans?
Today, my Specialist appointment was suppose to happen but due to you, COVID-19, they had to cancel.
You, COVID-19 have now caused me to wait once again. Because why not make Hannah wait some more to become a mom.
You, COVID-19, have put a huge wrinkle into my life. Now it will be after June before a Specialist appointment can be made again.

I'm saddened, my heart aches today, the beginning of a new journey has been put on hold of trying to know how my hubby and I will become parents.
Yes, I know it can happen this cycle maybe? But my body is not providing me with any signs I have O'd. I am close to my start date of another AF.
I did not realize I would be this sad to know I would not be walking into a specialist office this afternoon at 130pm due to you COVID-19.

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I feel your pain. Though I may have my little one on the way, there are so many things I feel I am missing out on!
I didn’t get to tell my students before they shut down all the schools for the rest of the year. My husband didn’t get to be with me to hear the heartbeat for the first time, I most likely won’t get to do a gender reveal, and I haven’t gotten to see any extended family since announcing!! I feel I am missing out on all the fun and excitement of being pregnant! I miss the congratulations and excited meetings with friends just to chat about it all. Hoping it all ends soon so we can enjoy those moments!!

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4 years ago

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