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Is this possible? 7 dpo and vomiting

Okay, I am so new to this as it is our first month actually TTC. I **think** I am 7 dpo, but that is just based off cycle tracking alone no BBT or opks. Monday a.m. woke up feeling O.K. but then suddenly felt like I was going to throw up and I did. Later that day I felt okay, although I do feel pulling/pinching and random periods of dull cramps. Tuesday, felt mostly fine although I woke up thinking I got AF and then got up and it was just cm, also noticed my nipples feel much larger and like always half hard? Today, (Wednesday), I felt mostly fine this a.m., same symptoms as Tuesday, but then was just sitting at my desk and again had to throw up ran to the restroom and sure enough, I did. I feel okay again now but I feel a little crazy. AF is not due until next Thursday, 12/12. Could I have O'd earlier? Could implantation be causing the vomiting? Maybe it is totally unrelated (which is what I wrote it off to be on Monday) however, I have zero other stomach bug symptoms that I typically get with a stomach illness/food poisoning.

Trying not to test until next Wednesday/Thursday, but not sure what to think. I know that there should not be any symptoms this early, but this is definitely not normal for me, so just trying to figure out what to think/do.

Someone have any insight or can calm my mind?

Thanks, ladies!

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Totally possible. I’ve had nausea and headaches with a ton of cm last 4 pregnancies since 4dpo. Sadly the last two ended in miscarriage. But I’m 5dpo today and felt nauseous and headache yesterday and today I almost threw up making my kids breakfast.

8 months ago

MommaBird- I am so sorry to hear about your last two :(

Thank you for answering and making me feel less crazy. I know lots of people say you should have no symptoms at this stage, and it's my first time so I was thinking maybe I was making things out to be something they weren't. I guess we will see in the next week or so! Good luck with the TWW, and fingers and toes crossed that we both end up with a BFP for Christmas!

8 months ago • Post starter

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