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How or if to tell LDR bf I'm pregnant

So I just found out that I'm pregnant. It's 6 days before my expected period is due.
Me and my bf are doing a LDR atm. Only for a couple more weeks, and he's moving up here with me.
He came to visit me a couple weeks ago and well we had sex (obviously lol) and were using the pullout method until the last night he was here, he didnt withdraw.. so he knows the possibility is there.

I want to tell him but at the time same time I have a history of miscarrying. Last time I found out at 5 days before my period was due and I miscarried, plus 2 more at 8 weeks before that (with my ex at the time).
So I'm wondering if I should wait to tell him until after my period is due and see what happens, wait for him to move here in a couple weeks and tell him in person or just tell him now? I don't want to get his hope's up and then if I do miscarry.. but I also don't want to keep things from him. I should have just waited to test until I missed my period but you know how us women are with patience sometimes lol
So now idk what to do.. any adivce??

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You can wait till your missed period and see if AF still shows, but even if it does show, I would still tell him what happened. You shouldn't have to carry that experience on your own and he should know that getting pregnant is a very real possibility. That way if you do miscarry and he was having second thoughts about wanting a baby, he'll think twice next time. If he does want a baby then you'll have his support no matter what happens and you two can go through everything together.

Either way, congrats! And I hope this one sticks for you!

7 months ago

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