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Loss #6

7/3 @9:30am- HCG 80.
7/5 @9:30am- HCG 116.

We have been TTC a total of 8 years (9 soon). We have been lucky in all the years to become pregnant 6 I know for some it is impossible. We are blessed to have 2 living children! Blessed!

I am having cramping pains, an odd chest pain, and bouts of nausea. I did go to the ER in case it was something else, but every test went well. My doctor at this point is a tad bit concerned of a possibly ectopic- just as I was few days ago.
I stopped the progesterone supplements as of today, and I'll do another blood test in 4 days and pray for the number to drop.
At this point I am more nervous for a ectopic...At this point I know this bean isn't healthy as I got my first positive on June 25th and the HCG should be higher at 20dpo...........
I know many will say keep hope, but realistically speaking we all know the odds are not in the favor of this little bean.

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Seriously, keep the faith, sweetheart. For you, DH, and your little bean

3 years ago

@Hallcp2884- Thank you for your kind, positive words!
I have an ultrasound in 2 hours as my doctor wants to see if the gestational sac is rule out an ectopic and to do some measurements! HCG is still going up slowly... Praying all goes well.

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Any news?


3 years ago

@Millbarnett- Nothing was seen on the ultrasound and HCG numbers are still going up, very slowly..

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That is still a very low number to see anything on the US. Maybe a few days?


3 years ago


We did a 24 hour HCG just to see what happens in 24 hours, it went from 178 on 7/ 184 on 7/9. Should have gone up more than that. My progesterone went from 6.4 to 6.
It is very low to see anything on an ultrasound just as yesterday...but with the symptoms I'm having (pain with nausea, extreme bloating like I'm 6 months pregnant, the slow rising HCG, and a progesterone of 6) they rather be safe that sorry! Espeically with my prior health conditions already making pregnancy risky as is. It's for sure non viable as HCG is doubling every 5 days or so and my progesterone is still very low given I am on progesterone- 400mg.
My progesterone just isnt going up even with the medication which pretty much shows an issue to begin with.
We'll be keeping an eye on the HCG & Progesterone till next week Wednesday. We also have another ultrasound next week to double check everything. We will move forward from there.
At this point, realistically speaking, we are praying for the HCG to drop naturally and bleeding to start as it is 100% non viable.
We will not intervene till next week... if things still aren't going well.

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