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Does anyone have experience with FRER tests?
My past 3 days of First Response have not been showing progress at all! They are from 2 different batches (aka not the same box, bought them from different stores).
So, I'm ruling out faulty batch of First Response tests.

But my First Signal, Dollar Store HPT, and E.P.T.,
have all been showing progress.
*See my pics for reference please*
Doctor is opting out of beta draws, as per my request, as she knows it stressed me out WAY TOO MUCH with my other pregnancies. But a blood test did confirm pregnancy.
I know, I seems only logical to do beta blood tests if I am worried......BUT I'd rather try a different approach first since my other brands of HPTs are progressing as they should.

I don't know what to think as I've read some horror stories online. Chemical? Ectopic (been cramping on and off. But I have cramped for all pregnancies)? Normal? I've been reading and comparing tests online (Yes, I know one shouldn't do that)....
I am a bit nervous as I've always relied on First Response for my sucessful pregnancies and they always progressed in darkness...
I've been using FRER like usual with at least a 4 hour hold everyday. Only difference is that today's test 15dpo, I let the urine sit in the cup for 6 hours while I went to the store to get another box of I had ran out.
I have one last FRER left which I will use tomorrow morning.
Any comments and experience is appreciated!

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Well my frer test was a strong positive 2 days ago 16dpo. Now at 18 dpo it's lighter and I am / was doing the same thing with tests for progression and betas stress me out as well. I drink alot of water a gallon a day and of course my caffeinated drink . I have left pee in a cup for 8 hours before and it worked just fine for my tests. I would stick to the same tests as using different ones won't be accurate. That is all I know hope it helps you alittle bit. But I am not teating anymore stresses me out way too much. Best wishes to you

3 years ago

I think its progressing . You can tell the progression every second day.


3 years ago

Your line progression looks good!! I used FRER for all 4 of my babies and it still seems to be good. I’ve had 3 chemicals the past 3 months and yours look really pink to be a chemical so I think you’re good!! I had a positive looking one 3 days ago and now they’re all negative ????

3 years ago

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