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Results are normal , what is next?

Hello everyone,
1st of all, I would recommend everyone to do the Keto. I know it has some controversy but keeping it simple is the way to go. I have decided to start a podcast. I have decided to talk about the struggles of getting pregnant and I also want to talk about my roots as being an African woman who has immigrated in the US. I am definitely sure about the roots part but about the getting pregnant part I am still thinking about it. Also I am going to research more about yoga especially the YIn Yan yoga. When I took one class of yoga at my university as an elective, that was definitely the type of yoga that connected with me the most. Guys you should definitely check it out. So I talked to a nurse, she said that my ultrasound results were normal and the Dr. wanted me to start Clomid on day 3 of my cycle. And then go back in to be monitored 21 days later. !st of all they wasted too long to contact me idk why. Also my periods is not back yet and Idk when it will. It has been extremely late since it has been back 6months ago post partum.
My plan is just to have accessed to all my documents and once I have established my health plan and insurance at my new job , I will go start with a new Dr. In the hope not to have to start all over.

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Agree about the Keto. I started eating Keto (lazy) in feb after finding out I am allergic to wheat and now I’m pregnant! It took nearly 3 years and fertility treatments for my son... I’m a believer. Great news everything came back normal!

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Maybe I should start taking the CoQ10 too. I am so happy for you. Congratulations!!!!!

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