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No AF yet...UPDATE!!

Hello everyone,

For once that I am actually impatiently waiting for our reddish aunt to show, she is a no show. What kind of joke is this? I know I should be excited that maybe, just maybe we caught that egg but the chances are so slim that I actually refuse to think that way. For the past 2 months I have right on clock so idk what is going on. I use cheapies and got BFN. But I will fmu with Frer and we will see. Keep the faith.

  UPDATE   Took Frer this morning. BFN. I am stuffed that maybe I got another annovulatory cycle. I have no preg symptoms at all. I really think that I'm not pregnant now. I just can't believe that our iui cycle would be like this. Anyway, I will contact Doc tomorrow and I might have to start a round of provera.

Update #2: still waiting on AF to show for iui cycle. I went for blood test. Got BFN but Ovulation confirmation with high levels for progesterone. This is quite annoying. Maybe I have ovulated very late this cycle. I am just glad that I have won half the battle and sooner or later, it will be baby or AF. I won't need "knock on woods" to take Provera for AF.

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I’m 5 days late .. I hate being stuck in limbo I have taken leterozle at the beginning of feb for cycle days 3-5 since my last af was Jan 27 I have yet to see anything but negatives .. baby dust to you!!

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Be brave . Mine ended up coming at 10 days late so I ovulated really late.

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