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Iui series #1 continued (3rd page)

Hello everyone,

CD 21. Trying to stay relax amid virus. Staying in praying and enjoying time with my family. Also trying to keep up with friends and family through SMS, calls and social media. To resume, I did C's 3-7 Letrozole/Femara 2.5 mg went for 2us with 2-3 days in between 5days post medication. There were 2 follicles on left and right that looked promising. That same day, I started Letrozole/Femara again 7.5mg for 5 days. Went for us yesterday which was 3days post medication. We had 1 left at abt 24mm growth , with others at 10mm. On the right , we had a couple at 10+ mm, the technician was not too clear. I had ordered trigger shot out of pocket because insurance would not covered. I was prescribed to watch video on mixing product and trigger between 9-11pm yesterday. I gave myself pregnyl trigger shot yest at 9:45pm last night. DH and I had a quick bd during the day around 3pm before trigger. I will collect my DH semen at 7:30 am tomorrow and will bring it to be washed right away. I will then wait for an hour and half. Then, will bring it for insemination scheduled between 10-11AM. After that, I am planning to have a leisure day inside with my baby and just pray that it works. I will update again later.

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????????????praying it works for you! Hope DH and that baby are doing well at such a trying time. Goodluck friend

10 weeks ago

Thank Mommy. I am sorry I have not texted for a while. Busy with schools closings and trying distance learning. I hope that you are well. We are hanging there.

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10 weeks ago • Post starter

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