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Pregnacare Conception?

Hi ladies

Did anyone use pregnacare for conception to conceive?

If so, how long did it take you to conceive and what were your side effects from being on it?

I have read a lot of reviews mostly good, but some say it messed up their cycles so I just want personal experience.

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I used it for a few months with no side effects on cycle or anything. I actually had been taking pregnacare original on the month we conceived as the pharmacy was out of conception!

I took it along side omega 3, b6, vitamin c and biokult probiotic xx

5 years ago

@deedee I've been using it for almost a month now and I tested this morning at 9dpo and it was a bfn so dont think it worked for me this cycle

5 years ago • Post starter

@itsanna I took it for months, but I didn't get my bfp until 11dpo. Got a real squinted on 10dpo so you're not out yet!!

5 years ago


5 years ago • Post starter

Thank you. Hoping for the best for you xx

5 years ago

Hello @itsAnna,

I got two negatives sun 9dpo and again on Wed 12dpo. Wed I really thought I wasn't pregnant because I felt all symptoms of my period coming on I got really emotional, lethargic and cramping felt really disappointed by Thursday I felt little better still no period.

By Fri 14dpo got huge energy boost and mood lifted boobs slightly bigger and still no period. Sat all my symptoms of upcoming period has gone, cervical fluid is more moist and slightly creamy. No bleeding but definitely think something like implantation came on Wed as I had no other traces of blood or cramps prior or after that.

I'm getting a blood test on Monday to check HCG levels ????

Try re-testing closer to your expected period date if you still haven't got it. Blood tests are more accurate way of testing of pregnancy as they are less processed in your body.

Wishing you lots of

5 years ago • Edited

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