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10dpo sore boobs and nipples bfn??

I’m 10 dpo and I’ve had sore boobs and nipples since 2dpo. I’ve had a lot of pinching and pulling type of feeling below my belly button. I have also had frequent urination and I have been very emotional. I tested today because I couldn’t resist and I got a bfn with FRER. I’ve never had sore nipples like this, not even before AF. Has anyone else gotten a bfn with all these symptoms at 10dpo??

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Im following this too! I am 9dpo and have had twinges since 6dpo and right sided cramping/pulling after ovulation as well. Hope this is a GOOD sign!!


6 months ago

Can you post a picture to see if other people can see something? Maybe wait a couple more days and test again. Good luck

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6 months ago

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