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4dpo really sore breasts

Anyone else ever got this?:
My nipples are alot darker and larger
My right breats is more swollen and both hurt more than when it's my time of month, not sure what to think as it's literally just 4dpo so implantation hasn't even happened yet (if it does *fingers crossed*)

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Hi There, I'm 4dpo and I'm having weird sensations though my breasts, Don't know what it means and at the same time don't want to read in to it to much. I hope what your going through means that your gong to get a BFP, all the best :-)

5 years ago

Well i'm now 6dpo and boobs are more painful especially near nipples and underarm area.I'm planning on doing the first test when i'm 13/14 dpo.
Hopefully we both get the results we want Lissy :)

5 years ago • Post starter

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