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Okay so here's my story. Monday i started testing for preg. and it was neg. well tuesday again faint pos. on wed. the day of missed period got some brown spotting and it lasted a day. By thurs my pee test was stuill faint but a lot darker than tues and wed. So friday i went and got blood test done.. with anything under a 5 considered not pregnant .. i test a 6 for hcg, and at the docs office i started spotting again only be a red color. and now i have offically went to a steady/heavy flow at times.

I dont kno if im in early early pregnancy or if im miscarrying. Or if im no preg at all? I just dont see me spotting brown color blood weds, and then stopping for two days and now a steady flow.

HELP!!! what do you guys think?

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You could be bleeding for a number of reasons (e.g., period, SCH, irritated cervix). I assume your doctor is having you come back in for a second beta?

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5 years ago

I had it done friday, and theyre not back in til monday. I called the hospital and my results and the only thing she really knew as that anything under a five is not pregnant and i was a six. However im bleeding worse than my period i do believe. So ive either caught a baby on the way our or a really early one. But id say im misscarrying because i wouldnt be bleeding like this.

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