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Spotting 2-4 days Before AF is due. Anyone Else?

Ever since I went off the pill in March (was on it for almost 10 years) I have had brown spotting 2-4 days before AF is due. When AF comes, it has been a lighter flow (3-4 days as opposed to a full 5-6) and generally darker in color. AF is due on Wednesday and I started spotting yesterday :(

I am starting to get worried that this is somehow affecting my changes of getting pregnant. Has anyone else had something like this happen?

1 Answer • 5 years ago


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I spotted 1 spot of red blood 3 days before my expected AF for July and now 12 past due for AF only other blood I experienced was 1 dark pink spoton 10 days late. Pretty sure i'm pregnant:-) Getting into dr on friday.

BC and Clomid can affect your cycle and starting early. Also it's takes a few months after stopping BC for your body to get back to a natural cycle. I was on BC for 7 years straight and got pregnant right after stopping BC but miscarried and have had about 5-7 miscarriages since then (May 2010). I'm praying my sticky miracle bean is growing in me currently:-)

5 years ago

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