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My cycles are about 30 days regular and my af is due on April 30th. I think I have been miscalculating my dpo though because I was off a day on my lmp but my opk was positive on the 13th. So I'm assuming I ovulated on the 15th or early 16th since every where says ovulation is 24-36 hours after a positive opk. So that means I'm either 10 or 11 dpo today? I was thinking I was 10 dpo like 2 days ago lol, so obviously I'm off track. I have taken quite a few test which of course were BFN's but hoping my new days are correct. Yesterday was the worst for me because I was having uterus pressure and cramping, at work a sudden wave of nausea hit me out of no where I thought I was going to hurl but didn't, my bbs was sooo tender and I had upper hip pain. So I never get this before af so I'm like whats going on??? So I'm going to try to see if af shows up in a few days before I retest because I'm tired of seeing BFN's. Hopefully it doesnt show!! WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK??? PLEASE!!

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Sounds promising! Just hold out on testing as long as possible, the chances of an accurate test go up the closer you are to AFs due date. Good luck!

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5 years ago

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