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between 8 and 10dpo Spotting

Have just been to the toilet and had the tiniest red spot on the tp when i wiped never experience this ever even with my previous pregnancy but i suppose i wasnt really paying attention implantation bleeding maybe? ive had very mild dull aches today and had strange sicky feeling since yesterday any one else have this and how soon after did u get a bfp if u were pregnant? im due my period between the 16th an 18th i have 26 to 29 day cycles so dont know exactly wen i will come on

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I would think that was implantation bleeding. I feel like I had that on 5 & 6 DPO and it sounds very similar. Did you get your AF yet? Or are you still waiting?

Good luck!


5 years ago

Nope i was expecting spotting yesterday as that's what its like the day before I'm due and I've had nothing i could tomorrow though as on a rare occasion i actually have a 28 day cycle but mostly 27 so we shall see had alot of cramping yesterday but none today really how about you?

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