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OPK (+) ?

Ok so I think I got a positive Thursday around 6:pm. It was as dark as control line (I think). So I tested next day to be sure and it was lighter. 1st day of last period was 8th. Calculated day of ovulaion is 22nd. So we had sex this morning. We r hoping for a boy so we were told to do it as close to ovulation as possible. Should be do it again tomorrow morning to be safe? I'm hesitant cause I heard to save up the boy sperm but not doing it for like a week before and since we just did it this morning I'm nervous. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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Even I am sailing in the same boat...Got a +OPK day before(pm) and then -OPK the next morning(noon)...!!! How did it go with you, just curious to know as it has been 2 weeks since you posted...!!!

5 years ago

Got my period last Saturday, so now just waiting to try again. you? there is another forum a bunch of us are on with the same cycle. i think it's called 2 DPO and waiting

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