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Any ideas?

I have irregular cycles, I don't have my period the same time every month. My last period was April 17th, 2012. I am now on cycle day 30 and I still haven't had a period, but all the hpt I took were negative. What should I do, continue to wait, or go to dr?

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Have you had cycles with 30 days or more before that you know of? Where they always irregular with your past 2 pregnancies?
If you are irregular [af] may just be taking her trime.
Maybe go to the Docs if you feel that a) you are pregnant and want a blood test or b) get some medication to regularise your cycles?
[baby_dust] for you and [good_luck]


5 years ago

I've always remembered my periods coming too close together. My last two pregnancies I was in the same situation, the first pregnancy I was already 6 weeks, but i didn't know that i was pregnant. I didn't have any symptoms or anything. I just thought that my period wassnn't due to come for a while. I'm going to wait a couple more days. According to it showed that it was due May 10th, but then it didn't show up then, i redid the information and it now shows this coming saturday. I will wait to see what happens then go see dr. Thank you for responding.

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