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BBT Luteal Phase Dip

porsiad  3 years ago
Currently 7dpo. This morning’s temp 97.90 and 6dpo temp was 97.4


member_316916  3 years ago
5-6dpo huge drop


AGamersWife  4 years ago
6dpo was 97.47 7dpo 97.99




JourneyTo2  5 years ago
8dpo .. over a degree of temp dip ..1.1 degree I think .. I think I'm 8dpo ????????‍??


OhBoyOrGirl  5 years ago
Temp dip 8dpo today..


FlamingoGirl13  6 years ago
9dpo temp from of 0.5, went from 98.0 on 8dpo to 97.5 on 9dpp


porsiad  6 years ago
10 dpo huge temp drop, 97.90. 9 dpo temp was 98.34.


dragonfly23  6 years ago
9dpo with a dip in temp. Concerned of short cycle


ARC_2014  6 years ago
my head hurts really bad. i did get enough sleep but i do not feel rested.


Burn2Ash  6 years ago
4 dpo with an almost 1 pt dip


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