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Sore Muscles

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lindsaypeace  5 years ago
4 dpo and i feel like i ran a marathon, and then got hit by a train


Jossdlp  5 years ago
Ive had sore abdomen muscles since 3dpo now 8dpo and still feeling it


baby0919  6 years ago
when i got out of bed this morning it felt like i did a killer ab workout the day before. I assure you i did not, haha. i'm 7dpo..




kissesmomof4  6 years ago
I feel like I have been doing thousands of sit ups, yet I have done none. Hoping this is a good sign.


wakeup79  6 years ago
0dpo and Im thankful Im not feeling this one!! #ttc


pipers_mama2909  6 years ago
11 dpo and i feel like ive pulled my ab and pelvic muscles.


anbever  6 years ago
i'm 5dpo and woke up this morning feeling like my upper abs had been worked out...also my left calf muscle is really sore.


jessmmcnulty77  6 years ago
7dpo today and been consistently feeling as if Ive worked my abs for 3 days now... praying for my bfp this montth!


Bfringer  6 years ago
Oh my Lordy feel like I've worked out everything from my hips up. Dpo 8


MariaMulh13  6 years ago
I'm 7 dpo right now. My ab muscles feel pulled and hurt and I didn't do anything to cause it


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