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Sore Muscles

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Starshine22  6 years ago
10 dpo and it feels like I've done too many sit ups


SumerianMaiden  6 years ago
very sore tummy starting today (11 dpo). Feels like I was doing crunches. faint BFP!!!


mrsmurry  6 years ago
3dpo abs are on fire like I did 1000 crunches. If I sneeze or cough I want to cry.




ciste.piosta  7 years ago
sore everything. according to calendar 15 dpo now am 2 days late when normally regular. body aches like the flu. boobs hurt off and on too


metalmama2  7 years ago
11dpo.. abs are tight. feel like I just worked out.


Elephant Love  7 years ago
idk what DPO I am. But HEDD March 2nd. My abs feel like I've done a million sit ups for 3 days now. KMFX


jamanda  7 years ago
Achy calves for the past 2 days. Am 13 dpo!


DivaD26  7 years ago
4dpo and sore tingly abs, legs were sore last night


ChloeMonte  7 years ago
12dpo - I am sore all over, as if I have the flu. My neck/upper back muscles hurt the worst, but my tummy and lower back hurt, too.


nena31  7 years ago
8 dpo and my lower left leg muscle is very sore. been having this symptom for the past week. Never had this before


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