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Sore Muscles

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maisonadair  4 years ago
15 dpo, sore lower ab muscles, which is weird...


loveisallino  4 years ago
I feel like I may be having this at 3 dpo.


LogansMa  4 years ago
This is my second pregnancy, im 10 do and have very sore abs




amber3495  4 years ago
been having sore abs since 1dpo, now 3dpo not as bad but still there, especially the lower abs


Sissy96  4 years ago
1dpo and I feel like I did a million sit ups and some upper back pain


mrsclearskies  4 years ago
4dpo: leg muscles are sore. I didn't do any thing out of the ordinary to warrent sore legs.


amyf02  5 years ago
3dpo I woke up this morning feeling like I did crunches in my sleep! I hope this is a good sign!


KLynnHarr1794  5 years ago
I'm still new on how to calculate my dpo but I have been feeling so sore in my tummy and lower to middle back these last three day.


kaitlynparks94  5 years ago
10 dpo now, and it feels like my abdomen is bruised, as if I did too many sit ups!


kaitlynparks94  5 years ago
5DPO and I feel like I have fever aches, but no fever. I feel like I was hit by a bus!


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