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What women are saying

Sore Muscles

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luvingmyboo8385  7 years ago
Only thing that has been sore is muscles in the inside of my Stomach and not from DTD


AlwaysHopeful  7 years ago
11dpo i get out of bed and everything hurts


kaylak  7 years ago
lavandaar i was working out also but not my abs either,this is the first time i felt my stomach being sore




lisabel  7 years ago
4 dpo sore knees and legs


MommyDahl  7 years ago
wondering why i am so sore. when out and gave the dog a bath and now i feel like i ran a marathon my legs are so sore and body aches


LavandaarGuitar  7 years ago
8dpo I did work out yesterday, but not my abs! Definitely a new symptom.


savysmum  7 years ago
5dpo and i feel like ive done 100 sit ups


mrslowrey  7 years ago
ive had sore muscles in my legs does that count?? im 8 days past ouvlation


MellieLynn  8 years ago
11dpo, feels like I've been doing sit-ups for 2 days. VERY new and different symptom.


sarahrenee2424  8 years ago
9dpo- ugh it feels like every muscle in my body just needs to stop working and let me relax esp my back!


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