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Shainajohns9  6 years ago
Yes I've been having backaches


Akageorge  6 years ago
Hip and lower back really achy today. 4DPO too early?


L4NBABY  6 years ago
lower back(like tail bone) head aches. leg pain




MissShorty0312  6 years ago
I'm 4DPO Lower Backache


SNROMERO15  6 years ago
8 DPO lower back pain (more than usual)


Deeworks  6 years ago
Legs feel tingly, felt cramping yesterday


OhBoyOrGirl  6 years ago
14-15dpo been having lower back & leg pain. More then usual.


Mistell07   6 years ago
Currently 7 dpo and my legs hips and lower back are hurting, dull achey like I worked too hard. Even tho I haven't done anything different.


PinkLady1972  6 years ago
Ive had twinges in my lower back since 4dpo not exactly a backache it kinda hurts comes n goes


PinkLady1972  6 years ago
Im 7dpo forgot to say


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