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XYND44  4 years ago
Started having backache since 7dpo. I have not eperiencd such type of backache before


Ava0505  4 years ago
5dpo-8dpo lower back ache that I would sometimes get the night before af due. Way too early for back ache now...


drae0879  4 years ago
on and off lower back pain 3dpo




Hope1216  4 years ago
Couldn’t sleep this AM due to backache 2 DPO


Ryujismom2017  4 years ago
4dpo I have slight back pain just recently and I normally don't get backaches.


sallutti  4 years ago
Dpo 9 and today started lower backache. I normally don't have backache before a period.


Jess13  4 years ago
6 dpo and soreness across lower back, at spine, constant since 4dpo


JayBeeH3  4 years ago
Im either 3-5dpo started having cramps, back and leg aches


Mrs. Ethridge  5 years ago
SEVERE back pain!!! Almost like a bad muscle cramp. Approximately 8DO. Seven days until expected period.


Brittny10  5 years ago
Slight back pain 7dpo


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