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Montgomery's Tubercles

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acoj2016  3 years ago
17dpo. Definitely have this!


yasminM429  3 years ago
how do they look?


PookieBear31  3 years ago
9 DPO, no BFP but these showed up on right breast along with tiny bit of lactation, this is my 5th so the breasts are ready to get going! ;)




Burtstequila1st@  3 years ago
Yes's 10 & yes


HappyMomma2  3 years ago
Noticed them yesterday at 12dpo. due for AF today and she hasn't showed up yet..


emmasqueek89  4 years ago
getting them at 6dpo


Raeberries77  4 years ago
Noticed these about 10 dpo, as well as small red freckles popping up on my chest, some looking like acne. I'm 14dpo today and got a BFP!!!


Emmy462  4 years ago
6 DPO for me. Hoping for a BFP : )


mratwellswifey13  4 years ago
six weeks for me


kersh0602  5 years ago
10dpo and realized this today. Praying it's a good sign!


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