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Sensitivity: 25 mIU/ml

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Mammoth  4 years ago
8dp5dt > Pregnant 2-3 weeks - so slightly inaccurate. Only 1 embryo transferred. Much better than last time, staring at strip tests. The clarity was what I needed for peace of mind.


tfitzs2016  4 years ago
Digital is the way to go. It's either you are or you're not. Use the test as recommended.


oc2000  4 years ago
FRER was very faint...this test gave a firm positive.




kyrueche  4 years ago
9DPO and a BFP with the weeks indicator!


AmyD4610  4 years ago
Used the test with the weeks indicator, and it's 100% accurate. We love this test. But please, if you get a negative, do not open it.


magsplus  4 years ago
Not great for squinter's >;/ but great for 12dpo on up...but pricey. I got 2 for $10 at walmart. Baby dust to all.


FlyNurse  5 years ago
I'm probably just being a little picky. This test said "Not Pregnant", but then, like a crazy person, I opened it up and found a CLEAR second line on the strip. Not sure if this means anything, but it sure annoyed the hell out of me.


Tori13  5 years ago
Got my BFP on 8dpo... Love this brand


Hm0303  5 years ago


member_224814  5 years ago
Very accurate.


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