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Sensitivity: 25 mIU/ml

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sarahbarron  9 years ago
BrillBrilliant test. No need to look for lines. Picked up on hcg level of 5


sunnyinoregon  9 years ago
Very reassuring


apeybaby33  9 years ago
Got a Pregnant 1-2 weeks at 11dpo!




Koneko42  9 years ago
Easy to Use, Easy to Read (Win/Win)


kisi11  9 years ago
I love how people vote faint, very faint, very strong!! Hahahah :-) these are great tests, gives you definitive results either way.


LG3TTCG  9 years ago
I tested with this at 10dpo and got negative. I received 3 very faint positives with 3 other brands. I only give it 3 stars because of it being easy to read.


narvel  9 years ago
Negative at 8DPO


kgard24  9 years ago
Worked for me! Got my "Pregnant 1 -2" at 12 DPO, and "Pregnant 2-3" at 15 DPO. Very reassuring to know my counts are rising!


Omer06  9 years ago
Pergnant 1-2 weeks


Omer06  9 years ago
So easy just never lies


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