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clamproe90  9 years ago
I took 3 different tests (not clear blue), all were positive. Clear Blue said Not Pregnant. I am 11 DPO. I'm not sure what is going on.


LilLizzy1487  9 years ago
I have always had good experiences with Clear Blue. The digital one with weeks estimator was the one I used the first time I was pregnant and seem very accurate. I have decided to use them consistently for now. They are pricey though.


ashie000  9 years ago
i had a false positive one time and another time i got nothing it was faulty. Useless




eskimozie  9 years ago
Bought two, knew I was pregnant already. Neither test worked. At all. Took the back, got another box. Got negatives. Already had 7 positives with another brand but wanted to take a pict with the digital for hubby.


Luciole20  9 years ago
Positive at 10 dpo in the afternoon. Took a new one at 11 dpo, but did not work at all (not even the symbole "Wait"). Really good stuff!


Vanessapereyra28  9 years ago
Positive at 10 dpo


MalPal85  9 years ago
Positive at 14dpo. Didn't try using any earlier as wanted to save it until I got a positive pink line :)


lbruns32  9 years ago
I think I just like the old fashion kind I don't like seeing NOT PREGNANT in such big letters.


Klokat  9 years ago
Love this test! BFP 13dpo. Took cvs early and first response early. Didn't trust the cvs and I squinted and tweaked the faint pink lines. Finally did the digital advance clear blue easy. Pregnant! Yay!!!


Soni123  9 years ago
Positive 8dpo and 1-2 weeks pregnant


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