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Kkbaby100  8 years ago
13 DPO quick positive and easy to use. My frer the same day was super light!


EirenA  8 years ago
I got a nice "Pregnant" across the screen when my first FRER was still very light. This was 17DPO. I'm going to test again in a week with my other CB Digi to make sure it still works, lol!


s_adkins  8 years ago
Amazing tests. So reassuring. Got a "Pregnant 1-2" on 10dpo, followed by a "Pregnant 2-3" on 15dpo.




sailorsgirl23  8 years ago
Always gives me an accurate result when taken on or after 12dpi


dizzy23  8 years ago
Positive at 7DPO! That's amazing. It wasn't too expensive either. 2 for $11 - Great price! It took a few minutes but 'Pregnant' appeared on the screen and confirmed my earlier line tests.


JenT8815  8 years ago
Positive 1-2 weeks at 11 DPO! Got faint positive with FRER at DPO 9 & 10. I really appreciated the clear result rather than questioning a faint result.


lucylala  9 years ago
12 dpo afternoob urine had a negatie result.FMU 13 dpo got a positive 1-2 weeks


babybrain84  9 years ago
Crap. Had two positive frers and my frer line is really dark and this said negative! Not very sensitive in early pregnancy


Tryin4#1for2017  9 years ago
Has been accurate every time I've used them to confirm 3 pregnancies!


Favre4Gyrl  9 years ago
Worked for me, I got a reading of 1-2 weeks at 8 DPO. Will be using again (hopefully soon)


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