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Sensitivity: 25 mIU/ml

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Chaela02  3 years ago
Bought a three pack and all test came up with book error.


Charmedofcourse  4 years ago
Read pregnant @12dpo I went for blood work monday my hcg level 23. Thursday a little more blood work called beta. well I did the test Friday fmu still says pregnant went to get results levels dropped to 13 ???? I'm on progesterone.


Eldelesol  4 years ago
Had a positive « 1-2 weeks » at 9-10dpo.




Kmp080384  5 years ago
I used clearblue digital at 11dpo 2nd mu and it confirmed 1-2 weeks. Also at 11 dpo I used first response 6 day early with fmu and got a faint/clear line.


lovelymomma10  6 years ago
Was not expecting a positive result so the very simple pregnant or not pregnant digital reading left nothing to the imagination and DH had clear and simple proof too when shown results.


swhittington123  6 years ago
Helped put me at ease! No guesswork involved with this test. Got a positive at 11 dpo


NOVALUNAR123  7 years ago
Only test i use! No brainer. Pregnant not pregnant! No questioning whether you can see a line. Took my test yesterday confirmed pregnant 1 to 2 wks. 3rd pregnancy 3rd time using clearblue digital. And you can use them anytime of the day! Best test out there!


redfraggle  7 years ago
Would recommend to anyone as it takes the guesswork away. Took with SMU at 11dpo. Urine was still nice and dark so good for testing.


Kristen_m89  7 years ago
It was a great way to confirm! I had some faint lines on FRER 11, and 12 DPO. Pregnant 1-2 on CB digital 13 DPO. It was nice to see the words, no doubts!


Jor.rod  7 years ago
BFP on 7DPO. "Pregnant 1-2". Worth the money!


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