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TTC APRIL 2019 Babies

So my last period was may 26th and I was 33 days late now my cycles are normal 28 days , I just got my post pa ...

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February 2019 babies?

Just wanting to find the ladies expecting February babies! Ive been seeing lots of bfps and wanted to say hi a ...

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6 dpo, this suspense is killing me!

Hello ladies, any of you waiting to poas with me? Let's help one another pass the time, and analyze our tests ...

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TTC MARCH 2019 Babies

To the moms who are TTC and looking forward to having a March 2019 baby ? come here and post your two week wai ...

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Not Just Cycle Buddies!

Hi Friends! Lots of us have gotten our BFPs these past few cycles and we all aren't "cycle buddies" ...

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Group for the BFPs

Hi, girls! I just wanted to create a group for all the BFPs we have gotten. There have been so many lately and ...

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Is this a positive test or evaporation mine??? HELP!!!!

Is this BFP or evap??!!??

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Pregnancy After Miscarriage

Hey Ladies! This is a hard topic for me, but I refuse to be defeated. I recently got my first BFP after my mis ...

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Irregular cycles/ttc

Anyone have/had irregular cycles and has any tips or success stories?? My cycles vary from 31-50+ days (I&rsq ...

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When did i ovulate? Did i bd too late?

Hi all! This is my first month really ttc with using ovulation tests bc my app never really gets it right. Me ...

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