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Anyone else 8DPO? Going somewhat crazy on my own and wandered if anyone else felt the same and wanted sanity s ...

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Long Term TTC Thread [Supporting Each other]

Thought it would be pretty cool to have a thread for us LTTTC'ers. :heart: I'll introduce myself and maybe ...

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TTC July/August 2021

Hello friends! I’m here to keep active our previous boards! Since as it seems I’m not going anywhe ...

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Gender Guesses

Hi ladies. I'm due to have my baby February 2, 2021 and my husband and I decided not to find out the gender of ...

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Young And TTC. Support thread.

I just thought I’d start a thread where we all feel safe and not judged or looked down upon because of o ...

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TTC July 2021 Babies

I'm hoping those of us who are trying to conceive July 2021 babies can connect here. I'd love to hear from you ...

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Am i pregnant?

I took this 2 days ago. The line appeared right away but very light. As it dryed the line got thinner. Im also ...

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February/March 2021 BFPs

Hi ladies. My due date is February 2, 2021. My first ultrasound is June 22. Come and share your success story ...

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Planning Phase...

I just turned 40 a couple weeks ago, dh turned 43 yesterday, we have 4 kids ages 16, 9, 4, and 1....and someho ...

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June Bug

Anyone else trying for a June Bug and just O in the last few days? The waiting is killing me already!

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