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How do you beat an addiction? Help Please!!

This is for anyone who has beaten an addiction, for any reason, not just TTC.

And I mean any addiction, no judgement if the addicition was to something illegal, I just want to know how you beat it!

Now, I am aware that my "addiction" might seem silly to others who have serious health risking addictions such as smoking, and I dont want to trivialise any thing or any one, I just want to know what people did to help...

My addiction is to energy drinks. They are my cup of coffee, my mood enhancer (and god knows I've needed that through this journey!)

its not just the extra energy it gives me, it just makes me feel better in many other ways.


Depending on what you read, caffeine is bad when TTC. I knwo some studies have said it doesnt matter, but I guess if there is a chance it might, that means I should give it up to give myself the best chance of conceiving, which so far has taken over a year.

I believe it to be an addiction because I crave it, I make up excuses to buy one, I hide the cans so people dont realise how much I drink, I dont tell people how much I drink.

I have physical reactions, like headaches and moodiness when I dont have one, which quickly go once I do have one.

I can go a day without one, but its an effort! some days are easier than others to avoid it.

so, now that that is out there, I hope people dont think I am silly, saying "its only an energy drink, its not going to kill you like smoking can" etc. I am not saying I have a life threatening addiciton like crack cocaine, I am just looking for advice from others who have beaten addicitions, no matter what it was addicted to. It could be a shopping addiction for all I care! I just want help in how to beat it so I can rule out caffiene and all the other nasties in the drink to why I havent been able to conceive yet...

thanks everyone!!

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My addiction was smoking. I started smoking when i was 16 until I was 20 and found out I was pregnant with my Kaylee. It was so easy to stop and i quit the whole pregnancy and a couple of months after. But then when I quit breastfeeding the urges came back and I started smoking again. But now that we are TTC I decided I needed to be healthy from the get go this time and have been smoke free for a month now and honestly don't have any urge to start again. You kind of have to tell yourself that this is not good for my body and its hurting me. Which is easier said then done. Your addiction is still hurtful even though it's not illegal or nicotine. The first few days even a week is always the hardest and yes you probably will get headaches but maybe try supplementing with lemonade or some other drink that you might like. Good luck to you!! I hope I helped. :):)

6 years ago

i quit smoking 2 years ago. before i quit all together i cut back on how much i smoked. maybe you could try splitting the can in 2 and drink half one day and the other half either the next day or the day after (i found this helped with the withdrawl symptoms when i did quit completely) Good Luck!

6 years ago

I can understand its tough to give up caffine, not an easy thing to do at all... and in the beginning its going to be tough... and its to hard to really just cut it all out at once... because yes they you will get the headaches and feel the withdraw symptoms of not having your caffine... so honestly the best way I have found to do so.. is to wean yourself off of the caffine.. so start by cutting back and then each week keep cutting back even more...

another thing is once your body is adjusting.. you can find other things that can give you the pick up you need, the energry boost..etc...

6 years ago

Hey there,

I know how you feel, I used to drink a lot of Diet Coke (have since it came out ages ago). I decided a year ago before TTC that if I knew I wouldn't drink it if I were pregnant b/c it's bad for me, why isn't that a good enough reason for me to stop drinking it now just for me. It really helped me see it differently.
Like I said, I had been drinking it daily since it came out but I quit that day. I did replace it with a little bit of Lemonade for awhile b/c I needed a taste of something other than water. But now I have tons of water and one cup of coffee a day for caffeine but the Diet Coke addiction is otherwise gone. I can even have it every once in awhile now and I don't crave any more...I enjoy it when I have but I don't have it in my house and it is purely a rare occasion sort of thing.

Best of luck!

5 years ago

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