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BFP with DHEA CoQ10 Vitex Black Cohosh Low AMH Story

"Extracts from a Story"

"Hi everyone,

Am exactly 43.7 years with this natural BFP. Told it would never happen, but here to offer some hope and inspiration to those over 40 and wondering if they will ever hit the Golden Egg jackpot. We were TTC for almost 2 years, got more serious after nothing happening first 6 mos. hopeful.

At age 42 my day 3 hormone levels were:

FSH 5.04
LH 2.4
Estradiol 31
TSH 2.5
Prolactin 9.5
AMH 0.16 ng/ml US scale

Though my OB said hormones were â??goodâ?? after 6 mos. TTC, she gave me practically no hope of conceiving on my own especially once she saw my AMH (.16 ng/mL US Scale) = Very low fertility, but AMH is quantity NOT quality, so I DEFINITELY believe the CoQ10 helped with quality. I didn't need bucketloads of eggs, I only needed ONE!

My main supplements:

Mother To Be by Pure Essence Labsâ?? a whole food prenatal, w/best bioavailable iron, (I have really low ferritin)

Fish oil or Cod Liver Oil 2 Tsp daily

CoQ10 400-600 of Ubiquinone form, divided doses, taken w/fatty meal (aids absorbtion) Past few months upped to 600 based on Dr. Schoolcraft from CCRM rec. for DOR/AMA

Vitex/Chasteberry took one Oona brand PMS (green tin) tablet/day. 225 mg chasteberry best one I have tried. Except began omitting CD 1-5 past 6 mos or so, esp older women w/declining estrogen. I was getting more night sweats during early cycle days, like CD3-5, which was weird for me. Before Vitex I would get a night sweat or 2 couple days before period, NEVER after. With Vitex, I just wanted to trigger a stronger ovulation, not reduce my already declining E2.

Organic Wheatgrass Tablets 6 XL â??chokerâ?? pills!

Vit E 400 plus most days ate 2 TBSP/day Wheat Germ

DHEA micronized, past 7 mos. Nature's Plus sells Micronized in 10 mg and 25 mg caps. started out really low 10 mg every OTHER day. Next month went up to 10 mg/day, no side effects, following month tried 20 mg/day, but I O on CD 10 which was early, and had VERY short period, basically 1 day w/icky blk/brown spotting prior, so back down to 10 mg/day. Time passed, again, got desperate, tried 20 mg again, seemed to tolerate better (see my post pg 8, hot lemon water helped me process DHEA) month I conceived I had finally switched to the 25 mg caps, and for 5 days before O used 50 mg but immediately got bad facial acne/cysts. Also, clitoris felt weird/uncomfortable from increased testosterone, sorry TMI) Felt wrong so I stopped, had DHEA-S levels checked day after O and it was 374.88 ug/dL, which is upper range for 18-19 yr old females. I basically had success with low dose DHEA over many months.

*New this cycle: Black Cohosh CD 1-12 120 mg. Again used Oona Brand (yellow box for menopause), has 60 mg Black Cohosh, took 2/day. Also has small amt of Vitex in it as well 30 mg. Definitely had more progesterone/better/higher BBT charts with the Black Cohosh. First month I tried got a triphasic chart, next time I tried it (a few months later) BFP! See below study on Black Cohosh:

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continued: Black cohosh from days 1 to 12 improved pregnancy rate by 170%, boosts progesterone
Patients with unexplained infertility and recurrent clomiphene citrate induction failure, were randomly divided into two groups. Both groups received clomiphene citrate 150 mg per day (days 3 to 7). Group I received additional oral phytoestrogen (Cimicifuga racemosa - black cohosh) 120 mg/day from days 1 to 12. There was a non-significant shortening of induction cycles in group I. Oestradiol and LH concentrations were higher in group I compared with group II. Endometrial thickness, serum progesterone and clinical pregnancy rate were significantly higher in group I (8.9 versus 7.5; 13.3 ng/ml versus 9.3 ng/ml; 36.7% versus 13.6%, respectively). It is concluded that adding Cimicifuga racemosa rhizome dry extract to clomiphene citrate induction can improve the pregnancy rate and cycle outcomes in these couples.

I wasnâ??t on Clomid, (OB wouldnâ??t give me) but Vitex is like a very mild natural clomid, so I used above mentioned one.

Used an OTC Natural Progesterone Cream (Natpro is most concentrated OTC, has 2,000mg/tube, Pro-Gest only 450) 1/2 tsp 2x/day (= 160 mg progesterone had spotting/short LP) It's also not greasy at all and I was using a lot, so appreciated that.

I tried to eat healthy, but I didnâ??t eat all organic or vegetarian. Switched to organic milk/eggs though. Had 2 hard boiled eggs every day (excellent protein for building our own), had a powdered greens drink at least 4x/wk, tried daily, but forgot sometimes (my DD called it Fertility Barf!) I like one by Trader Joes, not too terrible. I basically ate a Zone type diet, but with more fat than allowed. Added avocados, virgin coconut oil for cooking. I donâ??t count calories. Used tofu as protein substitute, maybe once or twice/week. It increased EWCM if I ate it a couple days before O, but there is controversy over it being helpful or harmful. Randine Lewis advises it for Kidney Yin deficency, so I included it. No processed soy protein isolate though. Drank Grapefruit juice/ 1st half of cycle, as well as a small (maybe 1/3 cup, as 8 oz, has 700% DV for vit.A) carrot juice, all month, hubby too.

Another thing I did different was NO exercise this month. Since TTC I really got into exercising again, 3-4 times a week at least pretty high intensity. Later read in Randine Lewisâ??s book about how too much exercise depletes Yin (estrogen) and I think that was definitely happening. One more thing. This month, had ZERO caffeine around implantation time, (the week after O) Iâ??m not a big caffeine drinker, but always had 1 cup of green tea or coffee. . Read that caffeine can slow muscle contractions in fallopian tubes transporting egg, and made myself do without. Had hot lemon water instead. Also ate core of one pineapple cut up, over course of 5 days"

Pretty inspiring, especially with the very low amh score. This is not my story but I though I would share it because it is so amazing

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How inspiring! Thank you for sharing her story.

10 years ago

So, which vitamins do you think are the most beneficial? I do have a very low AMH too.

Doctor prescribes me DHEA, 3 x 25 mg per day but still hesitating to take that much, because this is hormonal pills

9 years ago

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