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PMS cramps? 12 DPO

Hi. I am 12 DPO and due for AF in 2 days. I have had some pregnancy symptoms....nausea (gagging when brushing my teeth), sore breasts and nipples (which I don't get when I am about to PMS). Extremely drained throughout the day. I took a test yesterday (11 DPO) and it was negative. Today I am starting to have light cramping, as if my period is coming on. No bleeding yet. I was curious if I could still be having cramping this soon to my AF's arrival and it not be AF? Is that normal?

Also, how long have yall gotten negative tests before fianlly getting a positive?

Thanks in advance,

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Hey beatlesabbeyrd, af-type cramps are still a symptom of pg so you never know. Just think positive thoughts that you are. Did you feel warmer than normal? if so, did you feel a dip in your temperature in the last few days? That might mean the wich is coming but again, you never can tell. I am 10 DPO (or 11) and I am flushed and warmer than I normally am but I do get chills every now and then too. I am also slightly nauseated throughout the day too. I dont ususally get nauseated prior to AF. I have 3 more days til AF...hopefully she doesn't show. Good luck and give us an update!

5 years ago

Thanks for your response, Nicki. I am still playing the waiting game. I think I am going to hold out until tomorrow when AF is due to take another test. But I will be on edge all day for sure. Good luck to you, too!

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5 years ago • Post starter

I am currently 13dpo my AF is due tomorrow. I tested this morning and was negative :( I usually have cramping at least a week before my AF but AF like cramping started today and my breast are crazy sore. I hope I am pregnant. I will only test if my AF doesn't arrive tomorrow. *fingers crossed*

5 years ago

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