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This is a new one for me ladies. Today I get up and I swear to you it looks and feels like my BBS have gotten bigger. My favorite bra feels tight and my nipples are still sore and sensitive. Well this afternoon it feels like I slathered icy hot on my BBS! Most of the time it's mild and achy kind of like a tingling but sometimes it feels like they've caught fire!!! What in the world could make your BBs feel like they're on fire!? Any takers on this one LOL ?

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I am experiencing something similar. With my first pregnancy, years ago, my BBS felt that way all the time. I had to stop going to exercise class because all the bouncing around caused so much friction and pain. I delivered in August, so it was really hot, but at night when I went to sleep, I couldn't tolerate the fan blowing on my BBS, so I had to have the fan to my back or have a sheet over me (but not touching the BBS). It was not fun. The only relief I received was when I would put my BBS under the heat lamps at the restaurant I worked at. I had those symptoms pretty early in my pregnancy.

So, you could be pregnant or it could just be a side effect of the progesterone. Last month, my BBS were on fire, but due to progesterone and not pregnancy. Do you have any other symptoms?

5 years ago

Me too! I recently had an encounter with a stinging nettle, and now my bbs feel sort of like that, starting 6 dpo or so. Not ttc, but very happy if there is a happy accident!

5 years ago

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