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Acupuncture journey

I’m 43 next week and youngest child is 15, I had a MMC 31/01/20 Found out at 12 week scan it had stopped growing. We have Been ttc ever since.

Every period feels like a loss and I am getting obsessed and overwhelmed by the process off trying .

So I’m going to try my best to do something about it.

I seem to be ovulating early and hormones all over the place so I have convinced my doctor to give me a 21 day progesterone and check my FSH and LH and hormonal screen . But can’t do that until 7 days after I ovulate.

I also had a short face to face consultation with An acupuncturist that was recommended by my yoga teacher a couple of days ago, and have decided to go ahead with the initial treatment plan which is a full consultation and diagnosis this Wednesday 15/07/20 then 6 further session of acupuncture and herbs then a review. This decision hasn’t come lightly as she Is not cheap at £70 a session but she comes highly recommended and has been practicing acupuncture for 30 years and for fertility for 18 years and teaches.

I’m not allowed to Ttc or have unprotected sex until she has cleared me out as some treatments may make me loose anything that may be there.

I will document what happens For my own sanity and reference also just in case anyone else is thinking of taking the same journey.

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So had my first session she asked loads of questions looked at my tongue felt different parts of my body and took my pulse they use different methods and pressure

She was spot on on things I hadn’t told her about and said that before she could treat me for fertility I had to get A few other things sorted first she stuck me with needles some of the sensations were crazy felt a ping when she pushed them in after some of them felt like they were fizzing then it all died down and I relaxed. After she took them out she took my pulses again and wrote my prescription for the medicine which is a granulated powder that you put in hot water and drink. This arrived the next day from another company

She said I need help with my digestion and absorption of food my liver and my tummy uterus area is cold and I need to be warmed up also I need my blood to be built back up

Back again this week so we will see how it all went with the herbs

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So my fertility monitor has show low all through this cycle even though the star strips showed high but I guess it came in high so wasn’t an increase to detect a surge. Now in day 17 and it looks feint but obviously still saying low .

So I have no idea if or when I ovulated so will get my blood test done on day 21

I bough an FSH test which I did i day 7 and then 7 days later they were both positive so have no idea was taking some powders a friend gave me which I later found out raise FSH and LH So have stopped taking them and will retest next cycle

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Hey hope you don't mind me commenting. I've had acupuncture for fertility too. First time I started it the first period I got was awful lots of mucus, painful and heavy bleeding. But fell pregnant the next cycle it unfortunately ended in miscarriage at 8 weeks. The 3 months later I have a chemical pregnancy. I then stopped acupuncture as I needed a break and had been going every week for 9 months so was out of money. We continued trying but nothing happened so in January I started again this time with a lady doing homeopathy and acupuncture. It was 100e a week so could only do 3 months. I stopped going at the start of lockdown and the next month was pregnant with twins. Unfortunately this too ended in miscarriage at 9 weeks.
In 3 years of trying I've only been able to get pregnant with acupuncture. I'm now waiting for test in the pregnancy loss clinic and something else definatly going on. I know this doesn't seam to help your situation but wanted to let you know acupuncture definitely does something.
Very hopeful I will still have a family soon.

4 months ago

Hi mrsme28

thanks for your input I started this for others to share their story and for those in future who are thinking about acupuncture, I’m So sorry for your losses and thank you so much for sharing your story . I wish you every luck in Your ttc journey and for the future

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Had my second session of acupuncture on Wednesday and thought I would wait a few days to post. She stuck me with needles again some gave me such a ping and later a fizz. It’s my 4 th day taking the herbs so not much to report . Since then then my stool has been really loose I guess it’s flushing me out . Also a couple of hours after the acupuncture I started spotting light pink watery blood when I wiped. Then about 2 hours later light brown then it stopped that evening and the day after nothing today I had some jelly like mucus tinged with yellowish pink first thing then nothing . My monitor is still saying low I’m on day 21 And not a high or peak this cycle but my LH strips and the carton from my monitor are continuously high and did another fsh And it was positive . I did my blood test today so should get the results by Thursday I will update when I get those . Ohhh and my side under my arms and next to my boobs in both sides have been so itchyAnd tingly also my hip areas on both sides really strange no rash or anything my temp is elevated last few days also. 24/07/20

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Sounds promising

4 months ago

Had my 3rd session a few days ago, feel like my digestion is working a bit better she says she is trying to work with gut and liver first as I can’t nourish and fuel my body and eggs! if I’m not absorbing my food properly.

As for the spotting and bleeding mid cycle it started just after the last session she said she thought that may happen that’s why she asked that u don’t ttc as the acupuncture can flush out stagnant blood !

Blood tests results

Serum LH = 41.3 IU/ml
Serum FSH = 64.7 IU/ml
Serum Progesterone =0.6 nmol/L
Serum Oestradiol = 92 pmol/L

These tests my doctor says indicates I’m
I’m peri menopause !!!
She has requested I do a CD3 blood test

I also did a home AMH test which was low Also so looks like I may be out for good !

My doctor is referring me to fertility unit I here they can confirm menopause I also asked if they could give me clomid she said that would depend on what stage I’m in I’m just praying if I am in perimenopause I’m early period is overdue now by 2 days and no positive pregnancy test .

The acupuncturist said that if that It is the case she can try to help the eggs I do have mature properly but that takes like 3 months they need to be nourished 3 months before they develop to ovulation or she can help me transition to through menopause !!!

I’m Devastated right now... but trying to stay optimistic

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Hey whoever reads this .... this will probably be my last entry unless a miracle happens.

Spoke to fertility doctor he won’t help me But are giving me a amh test, I did a home one which was a bfn which means I have near to no eggs left ! He said try naturally if it happens it happens but will probably result in miscarriage as it did in January !!

So on to the acupuncture still doing it and it’s really helping me as in my digestion and some of these menopause symptoms she has regulated my constipation and my body is absorbing my food better ( no undigested food in poop) sorry ! . So I’m
Craving less sweet food and have lot some weight so that’s a plus I also feel calmer and more accepting of my situation which is great as it’s not a quick fix or magic wand. She said that once my body has Re calibrated through accupuncture I may still be able to get pregnant! I have been doing it for 5 weeks and feel great Next week will be doing a review and going down to once a Fortnight Then once a month with the needles And continuing the herbs

My bbt has gone up as I was always so cold which she said wasn’t the best for ttc

So all in all acupuncture has helped ME ! which is where it all starts regardless of where my journey ends xx

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