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In tears

Ladies please help I’m seriously distressed !!! Please Ofer any advice

had a MMC January 31 at at 12 weeks started to track periods when that came back With clear blue advanced first 2 months 29 day cycle had highs before peaks days at 15 and 16 the 3 rd month one high then peak day 11 and 12 period at day 25. This month looked the same But went from low to peak day 10 and 11 High day after then low for 2 days after that I stopped testing . I’m now on cD 30 no period cervix so high I can hardly touch it if I really try sorry tmi closed and medium/ soft lotion like Cm nit to thick aching boobs cramping for last 4 days Tiny bit of pinkish Cm in panty liner as I’m expecting AF . 2 days ago and a string of inconsistent frer 6 day tests . Please look at my gallery even some cheapies that are 20miu looked a little positive .

Did a 6 day yesterday afternoon and hit half a line see pics this morning did another with fmu couldn’t sleep had a fr rapid which isn’t as sensitive and it has a squinter I’m going out if my mind maybe u didn’t release an egg with that surge and surged again when I stopped testing which I believe happened with my MMC as the dr said I ovulated two eggs and late . didn’t BD much only my 2 peak days then about 4 days after so then nothing. Just wish that AF will hurry up !! If I’m not PG as I’m becoming obsessed ! I have spent a fortune on tests. Sorry for the rant but I’m very frustrated Any help would be appreciated xx

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