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16 DPO, No AF, BFN...What now?

Hi all.

So I am a nervous wreck right now. So I've been using my Fitbit app to track my cycles since September 2019. I stop using the contraceptive in July 2019 and have had regular cycles (27-28days). Hubby and I haven't been TTC, but this month we have for the first time.

My last period was on the 21st of Jan 2020 and I usually have these for 4-5 days. According to my app I ovulated on the 2nd of Feb 2020. Hubby and I bedded before that and a day after that. Needless, at about 6 DPO I started having strange symptoms. At 9 DPO I started spotting (brownish), it wasn't enough to require a tampon or panty liner. It was just visible when I needed to twinkle and it just lasted 2 days then vanished.

I tested a day after it stopped (11 DPO) but it was a BFN. The symptoms got worse and to mention a few; I have bloating, migraines, gurgling abdomen, eating and urinating more often and generally don't feel myself. My AF was suppose to start on 16/02/2020 according to my Fitbit app but nothing. I tested with Clear Blue Digital the next morning (17/02/2020) with FMU and still BFN! I panicked and downloaded a different tracking app (Flo). This app is now telling me my AF is only a day late whereas my Fitbit app is saying I'm now 2 days late. So I've decided to get a tie breaker and ended up here at 'countdown to pregnancy'. This site is confirming my Fitbit app by saying I'm 2 days late.

So today (18/02/2020) I was convinced AF showed her wicked face when I woke up and had some spotting (pinkish)...again, it wasn't enough to require a tampon or panty liner, but because I was convinced she was on her way I did put a tampon in and needless to say this wicked woman vanished. NOTHING! Nada! The tampon was dry and as white as snow....???? So I took it out and now I sit here in total WHAT THE FUDGE!

I'm super confused. This is my first time TTC and I think I'm going crazy.Bear in mind I am going though a very stressful time and have anxiety attacks at night due to me and hubby are immigrating soon. I haven't done another HPT, but I'm just not sure if I should take one or just get my tooch as the doc to do bloods??

Please help with some advice.

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