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Discussion side engorged and how often should a new babe feed?

Babe is 3 days old and feeding lots...every 2hrs maybe 3, 20 minutes at a time. Sometimes spending 10 min or more on one side.
I think babe is getting enough first "milk" but how often did you breastfeed?

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I just always fed on demand. My lo usually just nursed on one side per nursing session when little. At the hospital I tried to nurse her for 5 to 10 min on one side then tried switching.

Key is to nurse on demand. When they're little every two hours probably is good. I had to wake her up a lot of times.

8 months ago

My lo is now starting to stir at 3hrs even after babe ate for almost an hr

8 months ago • Post starter

My lo did this too. She sometimes would eat on each side for 20 minutes each and then want to be back on within an hour. We went through a heavy cluster feeding phase for the first 3 months or so when she would just want to be on me constantly from 6-11pm or so.

You start counting for the next feed at the beginning of your current feed. So if she feeds for 40 minutes to 1 hour that counts in towards your every 2-3 hours. At this age I would just feed on demand. It will help your supply out too!

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7 months ago

The majority of baby's time in the first 6 weeks will be spent at your breast - that's the reality that no one really tells you beforehand. Even when she's barely sucking, she's stimulating you making milk so your supply will be well established. It will be exhausting and you will feel drained. Eat and drink well. Snuggle with baby and nap when you can. Don't expect too much from yourself other than learning your new baby for this first stage. And it's not a first time mom thing - this was my second and the first six weeks almost killed me! I had sore nipples, so tired I felt I was drunk, and so hungry I ate every 3 hrs round the clock. I got NOTHING else done but taking care of her. Reach out to help if you start getting stuck or problems arise. Nearly EVERYONE has some problem come up in the first 3 months, so its not unusual and doesn't mean you have to quit. Congratulations and you can do this!

7 months ago

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