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Anyone have this and get a BFP?

Okay so I know im way early and I will not get any pregnancy symptoms this early on but this is whats been going on with me
According to FF I am 3dpo based on using OPKs
1dpo-some what creamy cm and crampy
2dpo-period Cramping, and tons of white cm threw out the day
3dpo-Crampy, i have been having pain well its not really painful its like pinching here and there on my left side and it sometimes goes to the right, my groin area is like sore along with achy legs and achy hips more towrds my back, cm was kinda creamy but it seems to be going watery, i had a gush of watery mixed with white cm earlier (sorry TMI) But im deff cramping more on my left side in my pelvic area.

Kinda have my hopes down because my cm turned more watery and ive never heard of pain in the legs as a symptom and yeah I know it is early im just kinda losing hope at this point been ttc for a while

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Watery cm is a sign of ovulation so I would keep bding

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6 months ago

I agree with Mamaof2KNM. I think what you were feeling were ovulation pains. I get those and they can be painful. Not sure about he creamy cm though. Do you temp at all?

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6 months ago

No it’s not ovulation I forgot to add I temp so based on the opks and temps I ovulated I wanna say the 28th, today I feel like af is gonna show, when I walk i feel that period feeling but it’s not cramps it’s hard to explain what it is but it’s more to my left side. Even tho it’s early I feel like I’m out, I think I messed up this month with bd anyways I bd 12 hours before first opk and then bd after but he didn’t ejaculate so :/ :(

6 months ago • Post starter

ive been having weird cramps and pulling/stretching sensations on my right ovary from 2dpo till now [9dpo]. i've never had it before. so or its silent uti [ i have no pain or burning during urination] or it might be something interesting. We will see :]

6 months ago

Nexplanon removed 4/29

Sex on 4/29, 5/3, 5/10, one other time after.

Pink/mucus on the 4th

Ovulated between 5/3 & 5/6 according to my knowledge with my mucus and cervix and my apps. All tests negative that I've taken from 5/17 & before.

I ovulated between the 3rd and 6th according to my apps and my memory.

Nothing for major mucus changes up untill 5/16 which was pinkish/mucus mix again. I assumed my period came early so i put a lighter tampon in.

5/17 i went to change my tampon and noticed it was dried up and brown so switched to a pad that morning and by noon the brown/tannish stopped completely.

My period isn't to start till 5/20 as I'm regular. Yet nothing. The spotting stopped, mild cramping now, no other symptoms. No mucus changes.

Cervix was low for those 2 days and now climbing up a bit today.

My question is, Did i just have implantation bleeding or am i crazy?

4 months ago

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