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My fucking sister in law

I just told her yesterday that I may miscarry again. And she decides nows a good time to tell me they are about to try for baby number 2. Her first child came in 2016. And I miscarried on the day... She has the worst timing. They are younger then us. And never have to try for anything. I just want to move many hours away and never see anyone ever again.

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It sucks! I'm sorry and I wish had some eloquent phrase to drop to make you feel better. But it sucks and it feels unfair. There are days where it is hard to allow people their own happiness because my journey hasnt been a piece of cake.

5 years ago

Aww, I'm sorry ur going through this. I sympathize with u, I really do, but tbh, u've gotta let it go. People don't always think before they speak, and sometimes they don't realize just how much something seemingly simple, can hurt. Let it roll off ur back, seriously. If u don't, it will eventually consume u and turn u into a very jealous and angry person. Anger is a very hard thing to come back from!

Focus on u and no one else! And keep that chin up!!

Best of luck for the future! =))

5 years ago

I'm sure i will get over it..eventually. But her timing is horrible. And she makes it sound like watching my struggles over the past almost 5 years is somehow soo difficult for HER. Not everyone is terrible at dealing with infertile people. But i have every right to feel how I feel. I am using these journals as exactly what it says.

5 years ago • Post starter

People just give advice to try and help as most everyone on this site knows how you feel. You can take it or leave it though. I agree though, I'm sure your sis in law isn't out to intentionally hurt you, but when going through infertility, a lot of things hurt when they aren't meant to.


5 years ago

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