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So Confused...

So I started my last period on May 15th and I took the ovulation test on the 22nd and it tested postive. So I would consider today 7DPO but when I type my dates into the ovulation tracker it says I ovulate today??? How can that be and I am testing negative??

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Go by the opk since you actually used your bodily fluid to get this answer i would say it is the most accurate these tools are only a generalization and are often found wrong because they cant predict if your body will make you ovulate early or later and this does happen. there have been rare cases where some women have ovulated twice in a month depending on how the cycle fell. trust the opk


5 years ago

Thank you so much I really appreciate it!!! And what does BFN mean???

5 years ago • Post starter

I agree, go by the opk.

and BFN means (Big Fat Negative) referring to a negative test result.

This a link to all the abbreviations.

good luck!

5 years ago

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