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watery cm?

I have had watery cm and quite a bit for a few days and today my underwear was actually wet from it (sorry tmi) but I felt like wetness like my period; but just watery cm..... so I read some things on the internet about it because most women say creamy cm when they are pregnant so I was thinking this was a bad sign then I saw the following.....

"One day while I was walking, I noticed really watery cervical mucus, so much so, that for an instant, I had thought I started my period (an old fear). It was approximately one week after ovulation. A momentous day in my mind =) (I also chart on fertility It turns out I was pregnant."

Can it be possible that this is maybe a symptom or sign?? Maybe I am just hopeful (probably) but it does make me think of it as a symptom because I don't know if I had it other months or not... for now I will chalk it up to mmmmm.... interesting........

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of course it can!
Please keep everyone posted and best wishes for a BFP!

7 years ago

Are you psychic?? Can you read my mind?! I had THE EXACT same thing today. I was sitting at my desk and felt this small "surge" down there and thought "It's way too early for me to start". Ran to the bathroom and my underwear was wet. This also happened around 2-3dpo.

I had what I think was implantation cramps and since I've had small tugs and pinches down there. My boobs are... weird. They feel bigger and I'm getting brown spots that resemble bruises just outside of my areolas. I've got blue veins that are more prominent on my left boob and upper chest. Weird.

I really don't want to get my hopes up but this really feels promising!!!! I hope it's the same for you! We've been having practically the exact same symptoms. Lol

7 years ago

Hey ladies,

I'm only 2DPO today, but I've been noticing the same thing. Both yesterday and today I've had wet patches on my nickers from really watery/creamy cm. Its a bit out of character, since last cycle as soon as I o'd my cm was dry, and stayed that way almost right until af came...

I'm trying not to get my hopes up tho, seeing as its still VERY early days for me!!

7 years ago

Has anyone taken a test?

I came of BC on the 17th of January (1 day into week 3)...I had withdrawal bleeding from the 18th at midnight until 21st, like a "normal" period for me. I think I ovulated on the 1st (by EWCM, and pains). I have had wet panties (TMI) for 2 days. I thought that maybe it was urine, but it does not have a smell. My urine has been strong smelling for the past 3 days, but I also have eaten asparagus for lunch the last few days. I am hoping to have conceived our 2nd. My nipples are very sensitive.
I am unsure of the types of systems I have during a normal cycle because I have not had a normal "cycle" in over 15 years. I got preggo with my first 2 weeks after I stopped my BC pill.


7 years ago

Hey there! I just wanted to share that I am also experiencing that same (increased amts of CM). I also feel like I wet myself and I check and it's just all of CM. I am at 10 DPO now (that it's midnight). I hope this is a GOOD SIGN for all of us!!



7 years ago

I'm a day away from my period and have the same thing. Usually I have no cm before my period, so either I'm late or.......Been getting cramps here and there, but no AF. HPTs all neg so far. Beginning to think these cheapie tests aren't all that great. So darned tired, heartburn, round ligament pain, wet d/c, weird dreams (dreamt I was lactating and leaking in school). I'll post with the results :)

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7 years ago

I'm 14dpo today (af due tomorrow). I tested yesterday (13dpo) - BFN. I had some cramping at 12dpo in the afternoon, then only mild pressure/dull cramps last night, and nothing today.
I've had lots of creamy cm since I O'd.
I didn't test this morning, cos I am so sick of getting bfn... So if af doesn't show tomorrow, I'll test the next day (I'll be 16dpo).

Keep your for me!!!

7 years ago

hi i have had the same watery milky cm for the last three days and although pleased to see it as its supposed to be a really good thing it is worrying when it lets down coz it makes you think the witch has arrived and then you panic and run to the bathroom only to find NADA , just the very watery milky cm hey lets hope we all get our bfp really soon. Im due to test fromt he 17th feb ( 24 day cycles).. fingers and toes tightly crossed xxxxx

7 years ago

i forgot to say im 8dpo today and have had cramping and a dry cough of all things and the sore throat i got up with yesterday is now going - weird

7 years ago

I ended up testing last Wed night when I was 14dpo and got my BFP, so I def think that watery/creamy cm is a positive sign!!

7 years ago

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