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12dpo BFN this morning? light spotting today, could i still be pregnant??

bleeding is not heavy but it is red

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I found this on the site for the first time yesterday. I think it's helpful. The fact is, if you're spotting and it's close to your period, you probably aren't pregnant. I know how disappointing it is. Every time I spot for the few days I think MAYBE I'm still pregnant.
Fingers crossed for you! I hope I'm wrong and you get your BFP!

5 years ago

if you usually have spottings prior AF it's still possible to be spotting and then be pregnant (I've done than twice) but it's most likely your not pregnant if you are having spottings later than 10 dpo (just prior to expected AF). Best of luck!

5 years ago

got AF today :(

5 years ago • Post starter

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