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I'm 21 and need some advise about something! Help, Please?!

I had my period on May 9, it only lasted for like 5 days, but it was really weird this time. Before it even started I realized I was always tired, and I became feeling nauseated. Then the day after my period just one time there was a pinkish color when I wiped. I felt a little nauseous yesterday and then today I have felt nauseous too. Is it normal to feel this way after your period? I'm just confused cause it hasn't ever been like this before.

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Your most likely not pregnant... but if you feel you are you should takee a test... but it is highly unlikely... some women do get nauseated during periods or after it could possibly be hormons

5 years ago


5 days is a normal length for a cycle. It's unlikely that you're pregnant, but if you think you are go ahead and test. It should be accurate now one way or another. GL!

5 years ago

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