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How do you go about taking baby asprin when ttc?

Hi, i had an ERPC on 7th March and have been ttc since. I've still not had my period and its been 9 weeks going to start taking baby asprin as i've heard it can improve the lining of your womb. I'm just not sure how much i should take and for how long??? I'm due to ovulate sometime in the next wk, so should i start taking it now?

I'm also going to be taking agnus cactus and raspberry leaf tea in the hope that one of these medicines will give me my BFP next month :-)

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you just take one a day. I did it when I took my prenatal. You can start at any time, but (unless your doctor tells you otherwise) be sure to stop taking it when you get your BFP. Good luck:-)

5 years ago

You want to take the 81mg baby asprin. Bayer makes a nice little chewable one, and agree you should stop takng it once you get a bfp unless your doc says not to. I take mine every morning.

5 years ago

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